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Whether your challenge is increasing force and torque performance or reducing footprint while hitting the right cost point, miniBOOSTER can help you boost productivity and get the job done right.

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As the leading manufacturer of oscillating boosters, miniBOOSTER is recognised as the innovator of solutions that fit virtually any application requiring pressure intensification. Since our foundation in 1994, we have been improving the way customers can obtain the high pressure they need, whenever needed, using the inexpensive sources of low pressure that they already have available.

What is a miniBOOSTER?

miniBOOSTERs are oscillating pressure intensifiers that can be mounted on low-pressure hydraulic systems. The miniBOOSTER will automatically intensify system pressure giving a higher outlet pressure. The miniBOOSTERs come in a vast range of models, each representing different functions for different environments.


Product range

We have a comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers that cover 12 intensification ratios up to 5,000 bar and flows up to 70 l/min, using almost any media including tap water. The range covers flanged versions and tube versions and includes a standard block with a built-in valves option that dramatically reduces the need for space and piping.

The miniBOOSTER product range covers your needs. View the entire miniBOOSTER product range in table format, containing data such as flow, pressure, weight and material.

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Download information about miniBOOSTER’s products in various 3D and CAD formats. Registration is required to download files from miniBOOSTER’s website.

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